The Oxley Group Assessment Solutions


In order to measurably improve results, you must first change a behavior or strategy that is driving those results. Our assessment instruments assist organizations, target opportunities for improvement, and develop awareness in the group of what needs support in transformation.

Oxley assessments targets:

  1. Personal Style Assessments: The DISC Index assists individuals in building an awareness of how they are perceived by others and why they act the way they do. The DISC Index can be purchased for individual use or part of a larger training initiative. Contact us for utilizing the DISC Index as part of a larger training initiative.
  2. Individual Performance Assessments: The CheckPoint 360 Assessment assists the individual in targeting key leadership competencies that must exist in the high performance organization.
  3. Organization Wide Assessments: These assessments identify the organization’s strengths and weaknesses in the critical areas of organization strategy, organization design, and organization culture.