Oxley Execution Solutions transforms leaders to inspire action and create lasting change.

More than 70% of employees are either “disengaged” or “actively disengaged” and the least productive of these are costing American businesses a staggering $350 billion annually.

GOALS – What is your most important business metric and how can it be improved?
Whether you want to increase customer service scores, achieve higher productivity, or increase your average account size, the key to the Oxley Group is creating focus, a plan of action, and movement that will show you exactly where your leadership’s strengths and weaknesses lie, while moving towards a concrete, measurable goal. Oxley Solutions is an opportunity for your managers to think about what is possible, focus on the most important challenges, and choose a clear course for the future.


Oxley Solutions is not another training program – it is a blueprint for transformation of results and the creation of lasting change. the Oxley Group gives your leaders the tools of assessment, coaching, and accountability to ensure the action plan created is executed.

The Results program is broken into four phases, each specifically designed to build on one another:

  1. Initial session to help you identify and target a single, measurable business metric that you would like to see transformed.
  2. Intensive 2-3 workshops with your organization’s leadership where the principles of Oxley Results are explained, demonstrated, and reinforced.
  3. 90-day rapid change cycle where Results concepts are put into play to achieve your targeted goal.
  4. 60-day coaching follow up, discover what has worked, what still needs improvement, and how your leaders can implement the lessons of Results on their own in the future.

These phases teach your leaders how to apply lessons of development and accountability to draw high performance from their staff, but also retain them into proactive contributors now and potential leaders in the future.