The Oxley Group E2 Execution

E2 Results Acceleration System

Is there a gap between where your organization is, and where you want it to be?

If so, you definitely aren’t alone. Studies show that more than 70% of employees are either “disengaged” or “actively disengaged,” and the least productive are costing American businesses a staggering $350 billion annually. Our own research has shown what any manager can tell you: that a productive employee can outperform his or her average colleagues by 40-80%… and in many cases, a lot more.

In today’s competitive global economy, where every company and department is being asked to do more with less, no one can afford to have so many employees giving less than their best effort. But to make up the gap, leaders have to find ways to inspire action and create lasting change – not get dragged into work they should be delegating to others. The E2 program is designed to exactly that.

The first step is setting a clear, measurable goal that revolves around your most important business metric. Regardless of whether you want to increase customer service scores, achieve higher productivity, or increase your average account size, the key to E2 is creating focus and a plan of action, and then to hit the ground running.

Change can be uncomfortable. But rather than slow it down, or avoid it altogether, E2 is designed to speed things up. Why? Because we want to create action, the kind that will show you exactly where your leadership’s strengths and weaknesses lie, while moving towards a concrete, measurable goal.

That’s why E2 isn’t just an intensive management and coaching system; it’s also an opportunity for your managers to think about what’s possible, focus on the most important issues and challenges, and then choose a clear course going forward.