The Oxley Group E2 Execution

How E2 Results Works

The E2 program is broken into four phases, each designed to build on one another:

  1. An initial session where we help you identify and target a single, measurable business metric that you would like to see changed
  2. An intensive 2-3 workshop with your organization’s leadership where the principles of E2 are explained, demonstrated, and reinforced
  3. A 90-day rapid change cycle where the E2 concepts are put into play to achieve your targeted goal
  4. And a 60-day coaching follow up, where we see what has worked, which areas still need improvement, and how your leaders can implement the lessons of E2 on their own in the future

At every step in the process, your team is going to learn how to get past the simple “soft skills” training that most organizations give to their employees, hoping that it will turn them into more productive professionals. Instead, they’re going to learn to apply the lessons of development and accountability not only to draw high performance from their staff, but also to retain them and grow them into proactive contributors now… and as future leaders later.

With these tools in place, your leaders get access to assessment, coaching, and accountability tools that ensure the action plan we’ve created together is followed through. That’s why this isn’t just another training program – it’s a blueprint for creating lasting change.