About The Oxley Group

“If You Want Different Results, You Have To Do Things a Different Way”

A wise man once said that nobody wants a drill – what they really want is a hole. In the case of business – leaders do not want training – what they want is a change in RESULTS. This is of course what every training company talks about, but that is where it stops – at talk. When you ask them what they can GUARANTEE, the talk will turn to the usual measurements of training effectiveness – often based on complicated theories that do nothing to convince cynical leaders that spending time and energy on training is a truly worthwhile investment. While most operational leaders believe they should invest and train their people – they are cynical because they have a nagging feeling that much of that investment is wasted. As such, they are often reluctant to allocate critical resources (both time and money) to training their people. When they do decide to invest in developing their people, they often use the wrong measuring stick to see if it is effective. Too often companies survey participants after a training session with questions like: ‘Was the training effective?’ or ‘Did the trainer do a good job?’.

We have a far simpler solution. We believe that training dollars should indeed be an investment. And you do not have to guess if an investment is making money. It is a very simple calculation – what did you invest and what do you have now?

Based on this thinking, to calculate the ROI of training you would use the following formula: IMPACT ($) / COST ($) = ROI %

How do we accomplish this where other training companies just talk about it? First, we work with the leadership team to raise their expectation of what they can achieve for their training dollars. We want the team to be crystal clear about what behaviors and skills need to change, how they will measure the change – and how much they expect those changes to impact the bottom line. Then we use our proprietary technology, systems and processes to ensure that the training delivered translates into the desired change.

At the Oxley Group, we are serious about exceeding your expectations for transformational change. Our 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee has not changed for the 20+ years we have been in business:
If, at the end of the process, you feel that we have not fulfilled our pledge – we will refund all invoices paid by you, or whatever amount you request. To date, we have never had a request to refund any invoices.

Andrew Oxley, President of the Oxley Group

Andrew Oxley: Oxley came from a successful career as a salesperson but felt he was no longer intrinsically fulfilled in his professional life. This loss of passion made him analyze the reasons he was unhappy and question if this was a common issue within other organizations. From his research and analysis Oxley came to the realization that many organizations have the same fatal flaws of uninspired, overworked, and unwillingly disorganized employees. Oxley found his renewed passion to facilitate leaders in finding the right direction and executing visions.
The Oxley Group was founded to support other leaders develop and maintain intrinsically fulfilling positions in their professional life. Andrew Oxley pinpointed that leaders are the lifeblood to every organization and constant education and coaching of leadership is integral to the success of every organization.

Don GrimsleyDon Grimsley, Director of Client Development: Grimsley joined The Oxley Group with an extensive and broad business foundation. After completing graduate school, Grimsley entered the Investment Banking/Debt Capital Markets arena where he was responsible for analyzing, packaging, and marketing syndicated debt transactions in excess of $5 billion for Fortune 500 companies across a myriad of industries including Energy, Retail, Manufacturing, and Transportation. In addition to his banking background, Grimsley has owned and operated a successful small business in North Georgia with multiple locations and over 100 employees for the last 10 years. Grimsley holds both a BBA – Marketing and an MBA from the University of Georgia’s Terry College of Business. His MBA includes specializations in Organizational Consulting, International Finance, Corporate Finance and Investments.

Throughout his career, Grimsley has been successful in diagnosing issues and implementing programs and solutions to achieve greater results – both with his banking clients as well as his own business.