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A 64% increase in sales… in just 5 months?

A 64% increase in profits, after only 5 months, is the kind of growth every organization dreams of. But that’s exactly what the Oxley Group was able to help one of our clients – a financial services firm with a four month business window during tax season – achieve through a series of intensive training modules.
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Developing leaders in a Fortune 50 Company

It’s not always easy to find and grow leaders, even if your organization is number one in the marketplace. That was the challenge facing a huge company, and one with managers spread around the country, when they came to us last year.
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Using the Oxley Group training in house leads to lower costs and higher customer service scores

When a Fortune 500 manufacturer came to us recently because they wanted to see some measurable improvement in their call center metrics, we were ready for the challenge. By sharing our cutting-edge materials with their internal leadership and training staff, we were able to leverage our expertise in a way that allowed them to customize it and share it through all levels of the organization.
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Leadershift eliminates waste in a Fortune 500 department

When the director of the department in a major financial services firm came to us with the aggressive goal of reducing loss in client accounts – estimated to run in the millions – in a six month time span, we found that a lack of leadership was holding them back from meeting their goals.
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