Speaking Solutions

Do you need a keynote speaker or day session that blends entertainment and motivation with actionable tips and advice that work in the real world? Then Andrew Oxley might be the right speaker for your group or event.

Perfect for audiences filled with leaders and decision-makers, Andrew’s presentations inform listeners, get them laughing, and most importantly, leave them with a sense of what is possible – for their organizations and themselves.

His philosophy is that technical knowledge and inspirational messages have to go hand-in-hand, that one isn’t very useful without the other. People don’t always change that fast, or that easily, even though that might be their goal. To help them fulfill their full potential, bright ideas need to be broken into advice that is as actionable as it is memorable.

When you book Andrew Oxley to speak to your audience or organization, you aren’t just getting a high-powered presentation. You’re getting an inside look into his philosophy, the lessons he’s learned from years of experience and dozens of mentors, and a taste of what becomes possible when you’re truly committed to results.

Contact us today to find out about Andrew’s schedule, topics, and speaking rates. Regardless of whether you need a short session or a longer workshop, he can help you find the clarity of purpose you need to get your audience moving forward.