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Communication problems, especially within large organizations, are a bit like rust on the gears. At first, they merely slow things down and make them less efficient. Eventually, however, they will make execution and progress nearly impossible to maintain. The reason is simple: different teams and departments each have their own unique viewpoints, terminology, and challenges. Without specific programs aimed at putting these efforts together into a common purpose, communication will break down. Effective communication training can address problems within an organization.

The Oxley Group communication training programs seek to address these problems by routing them out before they take hold. Some of the topics we cover in these modules include:

  1. Learning how to identify the motivations of others and influence their behavior
  2. Positive communication that avoids arguments, power plays, and pressure tactics
  3. Active listening and precision questioning techniques
  4. The best ways to communicate clearly and effectively, removing the potential for misunderstandings
  5. Remaining calm and clear-headed in spite of missed deadlines and other disappointments
  6. Advanced skills for customer service and handling customer complaints

Communication Skills Training

We provide communications skills training that can help any professional organization excel. We understand that effective communication can be a bridge between varying opinions within the workplace. Improving communication skills can help organizations operate more efficiently and effectively at the same time.