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Customer Service

The marketing messages companies spread don’t always match up to the reality of the customer experience. You cannot say you are committed to satisfaction – to really improve your customer service in a measurable way, the men and women who buy from you have to feel like you are.

Whether you have external or internal customers to please, and regardless of whether you need help at the executive level, with front-line employees, or both, the Oxley Group’s customer service training programs are your solution. We don’t teach skills and tell your employees to go practice them; we find the hard-line customer service metrics that matter – not only the ones people like to talk about, but the ones your buyers actually consider most important – and then design specific tactics to change behavior and meet these new goals.

It’s not enough for one part of your organization to be committed to providing a high level of customer service, or for most of your team to be strong in the basic skills. To keep the customers you have, and keep them coming back for larger orders, you have to get beyond the obvious and into the minds of customers themselves. Only then will your marketing message match up to the reality and reputation you are trying to build.