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Leadership is the lifeblood of any organization. And yet, many companies fail to understand why more of their leaders can’t find success. In more than a decade of research, we have uncovered a common cause for this dilemma: that most leaders struggle with one or the other of their major roles. Most leaders in business excel at fostering either accountability or development, but fail to realize that both are essential to their success.

Without making their team members accountable for performance, bottom line targets and results will never be actualized, and the leader of the business will either be replaced or guide a team that is chronically under performing. Similarly, employees in organizations who aren’t properly developed – that is, don’t receive the right motivation, encouragement, and growth from their supervisors – will eventually become disengaged, and possibly leave the organization altogether.

The Power of Influence

We define the amount of influence in a relationship as the inverse of the amount of positional power required to get anything done. In other words, people follow you because they want to, not because they have to. As such, influence is perhaps the most important skill that you can master as a leader. Learn more by reading The Power of Influence.


The Oxley Group LeadershiftThrough Leadershift, Results, and our other leadership training courses, the Oxley Group helps leaders to round out their skills and knowledge, giving them the tools they need to make measurable progress on bottom-line goals while still fostering employee development and satisfaction.

The Four Faces of Frustration

As a leader, it is your responsibility to bridge the gap between what is and what must be. The 4 Faces of Frustration™ has been designed to provide an experiential introduction into how an individual’s preferred style of interaction can be used to strengthen both internal and external relationships.

Atlanta Leadership Training
We want to help the leaders at your business find success. Our assessments will assist you in targeting opportunities for improvement while developing awareness in the group of what needs support in transformation. Contact us today and let the Oxley Group help your business reach its full potential.