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Productivity and Time Management Training

“Teaching a blue-print for getting things done.”

Our single day and multiple session time management modules are designed for today’s working teams and leaders, helping them to get past clutter and distraction to find levels of productivity they didn’t even know they were capable of. Whether you have managers, salespeople, customer service staff, or other employees that need to do a better job of managing their calendars, these programs are the perfect way to stop your team from putting out fires in their inboxes and voicemails, and start moving their projects forward.

Here are a few of the topics they will learn:

  1. Staying efficient and effective at the same time
  2. Increasing the time spent in “high payoff” work
  3. Beating procrastination
  4. Reducing interruptions and short-term crises
  5. Turning short and long term goals into real-world action plans